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About Us    

What do we do?

My Director's Cut, Inc. is a video editing service designed to transform the video that you shoot into a dazzling viewing experience. We enhance your video with music and editing, and we deliver the final result on DVD's along with menus and chapter points for easy navigation.  If you simply want to transfer your video to DVD with no editing, we can do that, too.

Share video with your friends and family

Want to share video of your baby's first step with the grandparents?  Family reunion footage with the family including relatives who cannot be there?  How about video you shoot at events such as birthday parties, weddings, family vacations, school plays, or simply babies' daily lives.  Just bring us your video.  We can produce extra DVD copies for you to share with your friends and family.


About the Owner

With a Master in Computer Science degree from Stanford University and an interest in Photography, owner Michelle Tsui has both a technical and an artistic background. Michelle has over twenty years of experience in computer animation, broadcast video and software engineering.  She has worked at companies such as Digital Equipment Corporation, PDI (now PDI/DreamWorks), and 3dfx.  She is an avid videographer and can closely relate to the many needs and demands of her customers.

Michelle is an active member of Rotary International which gives back to local communities and the world. Her passion is in a scholarship program with the majority of the recipients being first generation college students.  She has recently added a mentoring component to the scholarship program to mentor the students through their years in college.  To learn more about Rotary, go to www.rotary.org.